How to set default print settings

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How to set

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Is it possible to set up a printer, so it will always print in black and white?

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I'll show you where to find it for Canon printers. ... Mac setting that can save your inkjet's ... and settings listed in the default Preview view for ...Change the system default printer. ... or the Default Printer menu (Mac OS X v10.5.x), ... Make sure the Set As The Default Printer option is selected.

How to Change the Default Printer on a Mac. To change the default printer on a Mac, click on the Apple menu Click on "System Preferences" Click on "Printers & Scanners" Click on the "Default printer" drop-down menu Then, click on th...

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This article will show you how to set or modify the default print settings on your Apple Mac computer. I recently purchased an Apple MacBook Pro, which I thought did a nice job of finding my Canon MX850 printer on my local network.

Chrome and Mac OS X print paper sizes are set to US Letter format by default. If your labels are not printing the correct size, it may be...

Instructions to set the default printer in Mac OS X. The default printer will be the printer automatically used when printing unless otherwise specified.

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Safari uses the printer settings in Mac OS X to determine which printer and paper size settings are used. Because Mac OS X print paper...How to Change the Default Print Size on a Mac. To change the default paper size for printing, click the Apple menu click System Preferences click Printers & Scanners click the Default Paper Size menu and choose your new size.All other Mac applications offer the system default printer as the default when printing: change the system default and that is then offered as the...Stop chasing that printed document around your home or office and set your Mac to print where it is most convenient for you.

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If you've got multiple printers in your life, then first of allwell, I'm sorry that you have to deal with multiple printers in your life. I've only got one, but considering that I have to troubleshoot them all the time for clients, I think I've put in my time!

Follow these steps to set up a virtual PostScript printer in the Print Center on Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6.How to Add A Network Printer On a Mac 1. Go to the apple in the top left corner of the ... Click Add (+) to set up a printer. Default printer: Last Printer UsedAdjusting your Mac OS X print preferences is a way to save your preferred ... Use the drop-down menus at the bottom of the page to set the default printer and paper ...These options are determined by your printer and the app you're printing from. ... Get help resolving printer issues on your Mac; Print from your iPhone, to set default print settingsFollow these steps to set up a virtual PostScript printer in the Print Center on Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6.

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