Mac create universal binary

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Mac create universal

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These drivers run on PowerPC and Intel Macs with OS X Version 10.4 and later and allow use of SBIG CCD Cameras. What's New. Create a Collection by bringing together complementary apps that have a common theme or purpose, then share it and discover new collections!

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Create a universal binary build of of Python. This can be used with both regular and framework builds. The optional argument specifies which OSX SDK should be used to perform the build. Building and using a universal binary of Python on Mac OS...Mac OS X Universal Binaries. NOTE: substantive changes to this page (non-editorial) should be reviewed by one of the build-config peers. To bypass universal packaging, and create a disk image containing the application for a single processor only, you can override the UNIVERSAL_BINARY...

From a Mac OS X 10.6 build machine - I already have it working just fine on a 10.5 build machine (with no header hacking), albeit with Postgres 8.2. 2) The post explains quite elegantly my point about Postgres being more difficult to create a universal binary with than other programs.

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Has anyone been successful creating a Universal Binary that works as far back as Mac OS 10.1?

do you need both a PPC and an INTEL mac to create a universal binary with xcode, or can i generate one just using my intel mac?

The Mac Mini joins the iMac and the new Mac Book Pro as the latest Apple computer to make the move to Intel processors. We also have the latest news on Universal Binaries, including a look at whether the developer tools used to create these new applications will have a negative effect on performance...

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What are universal binaries on Mac and how to delete them? Here's a complete guide on deleting universal binary files. How to clean up universal binaries manually? Universal Binaries are always stored in the application packages.How do i create universal binary from source? I am able to create 32-bit and 64-bit frameworks separately as follows Is there any new way of creating universal binaries on MAC?I have created a PyQt application using Qt4.1.1 and PyQt4 and Python2.4 on a MAC Intel. I am using py2app to create an executable. I can run... Apple and other software vendors can create Universal Binaries.I'm creating a C++ XPCOM Component for my XULRunner application.I'm building the Component using XULRunner Source Code.Finally i'm able to created .dylib for my component which will work only on PPC Mac's.When i test my component in Intel Mac its not working.

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The updated version of the virtual tour creation application is now Universal Binary capable of running natively on PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. It also supports high-resolution tours with up to 1,000 location points, create tour-linking hotspots, export Flash-based tours that run locally or server-side...

I am developing a mac program in an intel mac, under OS X. It needs to be also an universal binary, so guess with Xcode one can create the universal binary (UB), am I wrong? But my question is if there is some kind of virtual machine or such other method...Please provide pointers on Creating Universally built ( compatible with Intel as well as PPC ) XPCOM Components. Thanks in Advance. Building universal binary for Mac OS X XPCOM C++ extension Hi, Mozilla documentation has information regarding building firefox in Universal mode which...A universal binary is, in Apple parlance, an executable file or application bundle that runs natively on either PowerPC or Intel-manufactured IA-32 or Intel 64-based Macintosh computers; it is an implementation of the concept more generally known as a fat binary.ReportedBy: raymondv at Hello, i can create a "normal" binary for the use architecture (for me intel) but failed creating a universal build for Mac OS X. I used the manual on http When i tried to build a universal binary with (not documented on wiki)mac create universal binaryI am developing a mac program in an intel mac, under OS X. It needs to be also an universal binary, so guess with Xcode one can create the universal binary (UB), am I wrong? But my question is if there is some kind of virtual machine or such other method...

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