Samsung galaxy s4 email sync issues

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Samsung galaxy s4 wifi problem after updating 4.4.2 is one of them. Some users have reported that after updating their galaxy s4 with this latest software their handsets are not connecting to the wifi network properly.

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Hi wonder if someone can help!! After doing a software update last week i have not had any new emails through. When i refresh it just tell me it wasFor issues regarding your email syncing improperly on your Samsung Galaxy S4 ... you want it to update the sync by ... Samsung Galaxy S4 - Email ...

Home > Support > Samsung > Samsung Galaxy S 4. ... Email/Gmail; Find My ... Verizon Cloud so you never lose your content and can free up memory on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Big thanks to john ,for sorting out my problem with the new software on my galaxy s4 ,I can now receive my emails ... samsung s4 ACTIVE kitkat update anyone?

It's a very simple but not obvious fix, thought I would share the solution. Also, make sure your email settings are set to 'push'.

Here's the 17th part of our series on how to fix the common Samsung Galaxy S4 problems. ... Problem: Just recently I can not gt my Galaxy S4 to update my email.

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How to Update Apps on a Samsung Galaxy S4. ... which will allow the time to update automatically. If that does not ... Include your email address to get a message not syncing on samsung galaxy ... "How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Email Not ... i am confused about my Google account which is synchronized with my S4 ...I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and an msn outlook email that I am trying to sync via the outlook client. Emails Sync upto the most current 3 weeks worth after that !! so all my current emails do not appear.- Deleted apps: After installing the latest KitKat on Samsung Galaxy S4, quite a big number of users reported missing apps. Some users have complained that up to 10 apps were lost after the update, including YouTube, Google Chrome, Flashlight, etc.

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I just traded my S4 for the Note 3. I added my work email accounts and everything synced fine. ... Samsung Galaxy Note 3; Email not updating. Similar Threads.

The Samsung support homepage is your starting point for help with Samsung ... Get the Galaxy you love. Now yours with Samsung financing. ... Windows 10 Update ...If your Samsung Galaxy S4 automatically checks for new email messages, it will access the mobile network often, which can use a lot of battery power. Turning this setting down or off will help prolong battery life.Home > Support > Samsung > Samsung Galaxy Note 4 > Email Account Sync Frequency Settings - Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ... Tap Sync Email to enable or disable.GET TO KNOW THE Samsung Galaxy S 4 Using the Email Automatic Setup Wizard (Work or Personal Account) The Samsung Galaxy S 4 can manage multiple email accounts, galaxy s4 email sync issuesGET TO KNOW THE Samsung Galaxy S 4 Using the Email Automatic Setup Wizard (Work or Personal Account) The Samsung Galaxy S 4 can manage multiple email accounts, ...

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